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As a Startup, Eflaya has a natural inclination to progress and innovation, both in industrial production and in positioning in the territory and in the search for an increasingly effective and synergistic customer relationship.


Eflaya has developed a concrete compounding capability that allows to design the product according to the needs of the customer. In this case too, as always in our corporate philosophy, the customer is at the center of the production process.

  • Eflaya is already equipped with a wide range of products able to satisfy many of the client’s requests, but at the same time give the possibility to explore new solutions "in alloy".
  • Innovative Halogen Free flame retardant solutions have been developed
  • A solid CAE competence has been achieved that allows to support the customer in the parts engineering, in co-design and in the choice of materials.
R&D Eflaya
polymers production
R&D Eflaya

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NEW RESEARCH and future goals

Soft and Rigid Conductive grades and EMS Shielding

Foamed, low density grades for Shoes as well for Technical application

TPU’s soft (below 70 Shore A) grades with FDA and EU regulation compliance

Full recycling and «green» solutions for the Industry

Partially bio based TPU and TPE’s

Fully green PVC

Riccardo Meucci Global Commercial Director

Our customer will never be forced to choose from a list of ready-made products, but will always have the opportunity to help us create a new one.