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In Eflaya, the assessment of the social and environmental impact of its activity is among the top priorities.

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In Eflaya we make every decision taking into account also its environmental and social impact. At the moment there are several aspects and business sectors in which technical and operational choices have been evaluated in these aspects:

  • Eflaya aims to have plants and partners located in order to effectively reduce transport distances and consequently consumption and pollution.
  • Our 4.0 extrusion lines are fully interconnected, with maximum energy efficiency and reduced consuming.
  • All Eflaya products are fully recyclable. Plastic materials are also produced from recycled waste products in the Eflaya range, with the aim of closing the circle of recycling in a virtuous way.

Our international locations are not conceive for reasons of simple economic opportunity. Our main aim is to produce on the territory in which the product will be distributed, starting from a real knowledge of the customers and the needs of the different areas, also in environmental matters. Employees who work in factories receive appropriate financial treatment, the result of collective bargaining, and naturally see their social and trade union rights respected within the company.

In times of pandemic, security, protection and social distance measures are strictly observed both within the company headquarters and in relations with customers and suppliers. Personal protective equipment is made available to staff and visitors.