We are born from the union of a mix of companies and experiences, ranging from the history of market leaders such as Sovere since 1976 in PVC and CM Manzoni since 1965 leader in vulcanized rubber, to switch to a part of the former Management Softer . Eflaya is the result of various aggregative initiatives both M&A activities, such as Sol Termoplasticos in Mexico , and JVs such as the one between the latter and Montelur in Uruguay , which as real start-ups like the TPE plant in Italy , in Fusignano. Eflaya is also a synergistic and unitary brand.


Our goal is to soon become a "Pocket Multinational", present in the world in strategic sites for the production of compounds and distribution on the territory, preserving the characteristics of elasticity and reactivity typical of SMEs.

Leader in the soft

Our production of polymer compounds starts from TPE (with SBS, SEBS, TPV), TPU and PVC. Our ability to produce customized plastic materials with polymer alloys, starting from the specific request of the customer, allows us to offer great coverage for the most diverse and specialized needs.

Eflaya goes beyond the simple sales proposal and proposes itself as a Solution Provider, able to study and realize the most suitable product together with the customer, after having understood and analyzed its needs.

In the center, the client.

In Eflaya the expression "customer orientation" has a real and concrete meaning. In our typical production process, the idea itself and the subsequent design of the material have as a starting point the request that comes from the customer. Instead of offering a catalogue of pre-packed products to adapt to, we prefer to listen and understand the precise needs of the customer and deliver the best product for his needs.

Pocket Multinational

Eflaya combines the advantages of the EMS with those of the multinational: the ability to adapt the production of plastics to the demand of the customer and to react quickly to changes in demand by modifying and updating the product, thanks to the flexibility of a company managed by private individuals, with management and vision from industrial SME but globally present.